Rainbow Riches Race Day Game Information


What is Rainbow Riches Race Day

What happens when a slot game combines the elements of horse racing in one? This is what you get with Rainbow Riches Race Day. The game allows you to enjoy not only the intense and unpredictable volatility of slot games but also the horse racing concept in which you root for your chosen horse to become the winner. Test your luck and determination as you choose the best horse to guide you towards your well-deserved prizes. Moreover, may the slots pave your horse the way toward victory. 

How to Play Rainbow Riches Race Day

Firstly, choose a stake that is comfortable and affordable for you since you are expected to play this kind of game longer than you expected. Simply click the plus and minus icons in the game to set. Naturally, when you alter or change the stake, the prizes will also change. The game starts when you click the spin button and the horse racing will also start. The bonuses here are pretty similar to the others. You just only need to match three or more of the same symbols. 

In the horse racing section. There are five horses with different corresponding colors. For example, if the red-colored horse racer lands in a reel, the horse with the same color will move in the horse racing section. When the race finishes as the first winning horse reaches the finish line, that winning horse will reward you a prize depending on your stake amount. Hit four or more scatter symbols and you can also win the Free Spins feature of this game. 

Before starting the horse racing game, you need to distribute the prize pots for five horse racers and you can do them manually. The distribution does not necessarily have to be equal. So the basic strategy here is to put the biggest prize pot to the horse you are confident to win, or equally distribute them if you want to play safely. This mechanic lets you prompt your own bonus. In other words,  the fortune you get from horse racing is entirely up to how you distribute the prizes. 

Bonuses information and symbols

Even if you already enjoyed your fun enough from the intense horse racing game, your enjoyment of the game will not end there because there are some bonuses that might help you not only boost your horse but also win bigger prizes afterward. 

Cascades – Cascades are basically what gives you another chance to make winning combinations. If you already made winning combinations from the reels, they will be removed and replaced with new ones to make other potential winning combinations. 

Free Spins – Everyone loves free spins, no matter what slot game you are playing. In this case, the game’s free spin feature can be activated when you land four or more scatter symbols. 

Free Spins Race – The Free Spins Race feature will be triggered during the racing. This feature will only end if the race is finished or you reach the maximum win. 

Horse Symbol – A unique symbol in this game. The Horse symbol is the basis of each racer’s position and when will they win. For example, if a yellow horse symbol appears on the reels, then the yellow horse racer will move forward once. There are five colors in total so are the horses in the race. 

Wild Symbol – A common Rainbow Riches symbol but a special one. Wild symbols in this game will give you the potential of winning by simply replacing other symbols thus giving you another chance to make winning combinations. 

Tips and Tricks

The horse racers are not based on statistics of the specifics of the horse or racer. Winning the horse race is entirely about luck and probability. Because of its unpredictability, what you can utilize from this game is how you risk or gamble your pot prize distribution to the horses. It is recommended to play the demo mode first to know how much you can win or how much you can lose in a single round if ever you distribute or all-in from a single horse. 


How much can I win from Rainbow Riches Race Day?

You can win up to 5,000 your stake. 

Is this game playable on mobile devices?

Yes, the game can be played on Android or iOS.